10 annoying things that happen when you want to save money!

As reliably as Murphy’s Law, the moment you decide to save money, something goes wrong. Here are 10 annoying things that always seem to happen the moment you start saving.

1. Something crucial breaks down, like the car, or fridge!

2. Someone will get sick or hurt and need a doctor visit. Add to that an x-ray, then a wound dressing charge.

3. Those mates with more expendable income will invite you out for dinner, and it’s always somewhere expensive.

4. A sibling decides to get married. Next month. In Fiji.

5. Your kid has a sudden growth spurt and you realise that winter isn’t a great time to own three-quarter pants.

6. The perfect, darling child who wants to help with the groceries becomes less darling when the box of eggs smashes and the milk bursts open when they accidentally drop it.

7. Takeaways and junk food have a pull like you’ve never previously experienced!

8. The advertising mailers somehow start arriving twice as often. And they have AMAZING sales on things you actually NEED need.

9. Everyone else seems to have twice as much money no matter what you do.

10. And just as you thought you were getting ahead, you’re expecting a new addition to your family. Congratulations!

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