8 ways to spend less money on food

There are plenty of options to eat good food, even on a tight budget. Here’s 8 ideas to help you spend less money on food.

1 – Try online shopping

Online shopping can help you stick to your shopping list and only buy what you need. You’re more likely to spend within your budget because you can see the cost of groceries add up as you go.

Choose to pick-up your groceries so you skip the delivery fee.

2 – Consider freezing foods

A great way to save money is to make the most of your freezer. Lots of frozen foods will keep well in your freezer for up to 6 months like frozen chicken, fish, vegetables and fruit.   Many fresh foods freeze well too like bread, hard cheeses, milk and spinach.

3 – Stock up on canned foods

Buying canned foods is another good way to save money. They’re convenient and last a long time in your food cupboard.  Stock up on canned foods like chickpeas, red kidney beans, chopped tomatoes, tuna and beetroot when you see them on special.

4 – Swap from processed foods to whole foods

Whole foods include vegetables, fruit, legumes, nuts, seeds, meat, chicken, fish and dairy.  When you buy fresh whole foods use these two rules to help you save money: it’s got to be in season or on special.

5 – Swap to buying foods in bulk

Buying some foods in bulk can save you money so look out for specials on foods you use often. Grains are cheap and will keep for a long time if stored in an airtight container. Look out for specials on rice, pasta, flour, couscous and oats.

6 – Swap to meal prepping

Eating the same food more than once will not only save you money – but your time too! Consider meal prepping breakfasts, lunches, dinners or snacks.

7 – Swap meat to other types of protein

Eating less meat is another good way to save money. Try to have at least 1-2 days a week where you use other protein sources like lentils, chickpeas, tofu, canned fish or eggs.

8 – Swap from throwing it out to using it

Reducing the amount of food you waste is one of the most important ways to stay under your food budget. Before you throw something out consider whether you can freeze it to prolong its life or whether it can be used in your dinner or lunch the next day. Sometimes all you need is a bit of creativity!

What can I cook on a tight budget?

Cheap Eats is a collection of recipes designed to feed your family for less than $3 per serving, without losing taste, quality or nutrition. Download the recipe book here.