A free summer

Summer time can get expensive for families: there are holidays to budget for, the kids aren’t in school anymore and they’re desperate for entertainment. Luckily there are a tonne of great free activities you can provide your kids that really don’t cost anything except time!

Your Local Library

Take the kids down to your local library, or maybe head into the nearest major city center if you’re feeling adventurous, and get them their own personal library card. It can be a great way to encourage them to read more (a great, and quiet activity for everyone) and an easy early lesson in responsibility.

Did you know that a lot of libraries carry more than just plain old books? You’d be surprised at the variety of fun stuff you can borrow from them that the whole family can enjoy: from jigsaw puzzles to board games, movies, music and more! While you’re there make sure you get a list of activities the library is putting on. They’re usually free, great for kids, and can even sometimes include a free movie night.

A Day at the Beach

What’s more kiwi than a day at the beach? Sun, sand, and a great way to spend time with your whānau.

Make sure to find a beach close to home to avoid extra transport costs.

A Day at the Park

Your local parks are a great places to play with the dogs, play with the kids, and to let both run wild in a safe place. Pack a picnic lunch, make a list of local parks in your neighbourhood, and you’ve got days of simple outdoor fun with a little variety and adventure.

Homemade Scavenger Hunt

Do you need just a few hours of the kids out of your hair? Putting together a simple scavenger hunt for your house or backyard can be an easy way to keep them entertained. It can be things you’ve hidden they need to find, or things that are already out there just waiting to be found. You can tailor the difficulty to perfectly suit your kids, and if they’re a little older it could even extend beyond the scope of your backyard if you want.

Learn an Instrument

Holidays can be the perfect time to pick up an instrument to entertain yourself and your family. It’s great for keeping your brain sharp it can be a wonderful bonding activity.

Or Learn Any New Skill As A Family

It could be cooking, music, creative writing, or a new language, learning is a fun and valuable way of spending time with your whānau.

Bush Walk

New Zealand is home to some of the most beautiful land in all the world, and everyone should take the time to experience it. Just make sure you brush up on the any relevant conditions for the local walks, for the safety of you and the bush.

Family Movie Marathon

Almost everyone loves a good movie, and with so many options to access them these days it’s easier than ever. Arrange a theme, or just have everyone pick one or two of their favourites. You don’t need to cram them all into a few days either, you can stretch it out to once a day or once a week, or as often as you like.