Are you Sorted for this Money Week?

Money and debt are still a taboo topic for many Kiwi households.

Sorted Money Week is a timely reminder to take control of your personal finance through initiatives in schools, workplaces and communities – no matter which life stage you’re in.

As part of the ‘Just wondering…’ theme this week, anybody in Aotearoa can ask the team at Sorted any personal finance questions through their website.

Sorted personal finance expert Tom Hartmann says this week is a great time to start talking to those around you about money and get your money questions answered.

“It’s a call for all the money questions that you’ve never really taken the time to ask,” he says. “If we don’t know the answers, we have a team of experts that can find the answer for you.”

Tom says the week has been running for almost ten years, and he is aware the week has been the spark for people to make meaningful change in their lives.

“Financial capability is about so much more than just what you know about money, and in the end it’s about what you do.

“The most important thing is to get the conversation out there – money is often a taboo subject. Especially this week, it’s okay to talk about it, ask questions about it, and lift our money skills.”

And they’re not the only ones who are excited about Sorted Money Week.

MoneyTalks team lead Angela Smart says this is an important time to take the first step to sorting out some of your money troubles.

She says if people want support with their personal finance and unmanageable debt to get in touch with our free MoneyTalks helpline team. 

MoneyTalks connects people and whānau with their local foodbanks, helps them find their way through Work and Income processes and entitlements, and shares information regarding consumers rights, tenancy and housing, counselling services, and debt collection.

“We get it, we’re people like you. We’ll put you in touch with your local financial mentoring service and other free community services who are ready to help.”

Tom’s top money tips are:

  • Ask the questions that you’ve never take the time to ask
  • Find out more about savings and investing and retirement planning
  • Encourage those around you to get their questions answered.

Angela’s top money tips are:

  • Seek support from someone like a financial mentor before signing a credit contract
  • Do not agree to a repayment plan on an old debt until you have all the paperwork (documentation) relating to the debt and know the repayment will not put you into hardship
  • Look at community finance loans for household items and services as an alternative to high-cost loans

If you or anybody you know needs support with their personal finances, check out the Sorted website or contact our MoneyTalks team on 0800 345 123.