Budgeting services

Helping you gain control of your money

The are 200 organisations in New Zealand that offer free budgeting advice. These services are free, confidential and non-judgmental.

Each year these organisations help more than 50,000 people with issues ranging from financial crisis and debt management to saving for the future.

MoneyTalks offers over-the-phone budgeting support, and can put you in touch with your local service for further face-to-face help from a Financial Mentor.

How can a financial mentor help me?

Financial mentors provide advice to anyone who is struggling with debt, or who wants to plan for the future.

A typical budgeting session involves a financial mentor helping you set goals and make a financial plan. This will include looking at your total debt. You may be asked to bring bank statements and bills to the session so that your financial mentor can help you develop a strong budget.