Frugal Living Tips from Bloggers!

Frugal living or plain being careful with your money is not always easy! Luck for us, there is a wealth of advice on the internet. Here are some ideas from some bloggers who gave us their best tips and ideas.

Kylie from The Thrifty Issue shared this:

“Stick to a budget – set your limit then work within it. Shop around, compare prices, buy in bulk, use shopping points, look for coupons, do what you need to do to stick to your budget.”

She’s written a post over here about How they live a frugal lifestyle despite heaps of challenges and make it fun. There are plenty of awesome tips and solid advice.

Kelly from over at Kelley Aroura – Life with Kelly has a tip right up my alley:

“My favorite frugal tip is to use quotes during a time when you can’t decide your want vs need.”

Quotes can be a powerful motivator. She’s got some more over in this post, or you could check out Pinterest for more ideas.

Emma blogs at Emma Francis at Home and shares this:

“My tip is to clean out your fridge prior to meal planning and grocery shopping.   That way you know what leftovers you need to incorporate and you don’t throw food away because it got lost in the fridge.”

 She’s got a great post about having an organised fridge so you get stuff used too that’s super useful!

Desteny over at A Frugal Desteny has this quote on a blog of hers:

“A bargain ain’t a bargain unless it’s something you need.” – Sidney Carroll”

Can you sum it up any better than that? Check out the other 34 quotes she’s got for some extra motivation too

Jesse Murphy writes at Never Alone Mom and says:

“My biggest frugal living tip would be to avoid shopping retail as much as possible. Thrift stores, consignment shops, yard sales, and clearance sales at lower end stores are how you can buy really awesome stuff that no one would ever guess you got for less than retail price for. Your kids and home will look fab and your budget will thank you.”

You can check out her post about how to be a “cool mum” even on a budget. Some neat beauty and pampering on a budget tips too!

And one final one from us:

“You actually have control over your money. Don’t be scared of it, watch it, notice it, and exert some control over it if it’s been controlling you for far too long.”

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