Ten Ways MoneyTalks Can Help You

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You don’t need to be in financial crisis to benefit from contacting the MoneyTalks helpline. Here are ten areas where MoneyTalks financial mentors can help you, no matter what your financial situation.

1 Understand your current situation

We can help you better understand your current financial situation. Our financial mentors can help you draw up a budget over the phone, and give you a summary of your income and expenses.

2 Helping by text message

We can give you advice by text message. If you don’t feel like emailing or picking up the phone, just send a text message to 4029 to chat with a MoneyTalks financial mentors. It’s free!

3 Closing the gap

We can help you with ways to close the gap in your budget. You will get advice on how to reduce spending and maybe increase your income.

4 Finding out if you’ve been taken advantage of

We can help you identify whether you’ve been taken advantage of by the people you’ve borrowed money from. Companies that lend money have a legal responsibility to make sure you have enough to pay back the loan.

5 Deciding on a loan

We can help you decide whether or not you should take a loan. Financial mentors can give you advice on whether or not that loan will help you, or cause you more problems. If it’s not beneficial, they can help you find other ways to get what you need.

6 Knowing what you’re entitled to

A financial mentor can help you find out whether you’re entitled to any financial assistance from Work and Income or Inland Revenue.

7 Accessing other support

We can connect you with other organisations that can help you. Whether you’re struggling with gambling, have a tenancy issue, or simply need more food, our financial mentors can get you in touch with the agencies that can help.

8 Sticking to a Budget

We can give you strategies to help stick to your budget. Setting a budget is one thing, sticking to it is another. MoneyTalks financial mentors can give you advice on how to stick to a budget.

9 Planning for the Future

You don’t need to be in financial strife to benefit from financial mentoring. MoneyTalks financial mentors can also help you plan for your future.

10 Budgeting and Financial Capabilities Services

We can connect you with a local financial capability or budgeting service to give you in-depth support. There are 200 of these services at 300 locations around our country.

MoneyTalks is free and available to everyone: individuals, family, whānau, and anyone struggling with their finances in any way. Financial instability can be a drain on your physical and mental health. But with help, you can rise above these seemingly insurmountable problems and build a better life for yourself, your family, and your whānau.


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