Who is the cheapest power company?

The cheapest company is the one who is cheapest for YOU. Someone else will use power at a different time/amount and it will be a different company for them. Thankfully, a couple of websites sorted these calculations out for us!

Make sure you use your bills from the last few months to help you out!

There are some fantastic tools to help you choose:

Some of these also has great tools to check credit cards, internet and mortgage too! But, make sure if you have the time to quickly pop onto the top 5 websites too – just to make sure they don’t have special deals going. It’s not impossible to get a good sized amount of credit, with a short lock in period and sometimes only the retailer website has these deals showing.

But I Don’t Use Much Power? Low User Rates!

If you use less than 8000 kW a year (aka units), you are likely better off on a low user rate which reduces the daily charge and increases the cost per kW. However, if you are in Christchurch or South “approximately” (ring your provider if you are near there), you can have this for up to 9000kW per year. At 30c a kW (a very approximate amount!) For North of Christchurch, that’s about an average of $200 power per month (incl winter) (slightly more for south).

Feel free to share what power plan you are on below if you’ve found a cheap one!

Wanting to find the cheapest internet too? Here’s the link for that: