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Financial Mentors work from financial mentoring services from locations all throughout Aotearoa. They provide advice to anyone who is struggling with debt, or who wants to plan for the future.

Need food now: Community foodbanks help people and whānau to put food on the table, when times are tough, by offering free food parcels.
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What should I bring to my appointment?

You can help your Financial Mentor do their best work by bringing these documents along to your appointment:

  • Bank statement
  • Pay slip
  • Power bill
  • Phone bill
  • Tenancy agreement
  • Loan agreements

Free, ongoing assistance

Ask about MoneyMates

MoneyMates is aimed at people who are repeatedly experiencing financial hardship, or who may be more likely to encounter financial difficulty, or who simply want to learn financial management and budgeting skills.

Facilitators help a group of participants to talk openly about money and finances (not necessarily about specific details of their own debt, but about, choices, options and behaviours).

Together, over several weeks participants will:

  • learn more about getting control of debt, budgeting and cash flow management, financial products, safer lending and growing their resources,
  • learn from other people who are in similar situations, share their own insights and knowledge and build support networks with people going through the same experiences.
  • access other information and support.
  • build up their networks with whānau and their community.

What is Kahukura?

BFC Plus provides intensive one-on-one support to clients and their whānau by qualified and skilled individuals known as Kahukura (leads/champions).  The Kahukura strengthens connections and encourages peer to peer learning by working closely with clients and their families linking them with health and social services.

CAP Debt Help

More than a budget, participants get caring support and debt counselling for as long as you need it to go debt free!

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Know the difference between a Financial Advisor and a Financial Mentor

Financial Advisor

Financial Advisors give information and advice about financial planning, insurance, investing and other financial services.

  • Usually you pay for their advice.
  • Must be a qualified financial service provider and registered with the Financial Markets Authority (FMA).

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Financial Mentor

Financial Mentors provide more than budgeting. They provide a one-on-one service sharing knowledge and information, focusing on empowering people. They work alongside a person, their family and whānau, building trust and taking into account their situation, culture and needs.

  • Usually the service is free.
  • Qualified and part of a service in partnership with FinCap.