Financial plan of action

The Financial Plan of Action helps you to:

    • share your aspirations to understand what you need to achieve the change you want
    • build financial capability and resilience
    • identify your strengths and what has worked for you in the past
    • view challenges as opportunities, not obstacles

Simple budget worksheet

The budget worksheet is the best place to begin for most people. The first time you fill out your budget worksheet you may estimate some amounts, which is fine. Use this first draft to give you an honest picture of your current financial situation. Modify the worksheet, if you’d like to see improvements, and save it under a different name. If you need assistance call 0800 345 123 to talk to a qualified Financial Mentor.

Classic budget worksheet

This is a classic style budget worksheet, used by Financial Mentors and budget advisers for decades. Use it to capture a snapshot of your income and expanses, so you can see if you’re spending more than you should. If you need assistance call 0800 345 123 to talk to a qualified Financial Mentor.

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Living in a retirement village

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Money mules

The Insolvency and Trustee Services New Zealand has a range of great information and resources to help you make good decisions about bankruptcy, No Asset Procedures and Debt Repayment Orders.   

Personal Insolvency Information

Credit Reporting Privacy Code Fact sheet 5

Everything you need to know about personal insolvency.

Things to consider when deciding whether to request a credit reporter to ‘freeze’ your credit report.